Steel Joist and Deck by Vimar Construction offer the reliable foundation essential for robust structures. Building upon the 40-years expertise from Vimar Steel, our products balance functionality with enduring quality. Each joist and deck we provide is crafted with precision, promising structural integrity and consistent performance. Furthermore, our commitment to value ensures that these premium solutions come at competitive prices. Choose Vimar's Joist and Deck for a blend of quality and affordability in your construction needs.

Joists & Decks: Essential Components for Robust Metal Structures

Discover Vimar's superior Joists and Decks, the backbone of any robust metal structure. Designed for unparalleled strength and durability, our products provide the essential support your building projects need.

As direct-from-mill providers, we ensure the highest quality materials at competitive prices, making us the trusted choice for construction professionals. Experience the Vimar difference today - where superior quality meets seamless delivery.

Empowering Projects with In-House Design Excellence

Our in-house team utilizes the latest advancements in Building Information Modelling (BIM), Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), and Numerical Control machinery technology. This state-of-the-art tech allows us to streamline processes, enhance precision, and create superior steel products tailored to your project requirements.

We have Over Three Decades of Experience in the Steel Sector

Vimar have reliable expertise and a deep understanding of the industry, having contributed to the most transformative projects across United States and Latin America.

The Power Behind More Than 6,500 Tons of Steel Structures Every Month

Our scope extends from expert design and precise manufacturing to seamless assembly. When it comes to mastering metals, we're in a league of our own, delivering unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Direct-from-Mill to You - Exceptional Quality Structural Steel and Metal Buildings Solutions. Uninterrupted supply chain, unbeatable prices, and 30 years of trusted experience in producing over 6,500 tons of steel structures monthly. We're not just a steel distributor; we're your strategic partner in steel.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

We've earned the confidence of global powerhouses like Apple, America Movil, Kimberly Clark, Techint, Enel, and Office Depot. Our expertise spans diverse industries and unique challenges, guaranteeing unmatched quality and efficiency for every project.

We have the capacity to meet any client's volume requirements and the resources to supply specialty steel

Our business partners have International Certifications that guarantee quality & consistency. Some of them are the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), API 5L, API 5CT, ISO 9001- 2000, SDI (Steel Deck Institute), FM Approvals, SJI (Steel Joist Institute), among others.

One-Stop Construction Solution: Steel, Concrete, and Glass Facades

Bundle your steel, concrete, and glass facade needs with us and witness an elevated level of coordination, consistency, and efficiency. This all-in-one approach ensures not only flawless execution but also a cohesive, state-of-the-art final product that stands out.

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FLAT BARS - From $65.68 /cwt
FLAT BARS - From $65.68 /cwt
Sale priceFrom $ 22.50
1033 reviews
Save $ 1.00 per piece
ROUND BARS - From $66.25 /cwt
ROUND BARS - From $66.25 /cwt
Sale price$ 19.90 Regular price$ 20.90
1055 reviews
Save $ 0.51 per piece
SQUARE BARS - From $64.60 /cwt
SQUARE BARS - From $64.60 /cwt
Sale price$ 10.99 Regular price$ 11.50
995 reviews
Save $ 0.60 per piece
STEEL ANGLES - From $64.65 /cwt
STEEL ANGLES - From $64.65 /cwt
Sale priceFrom $ 10.70 Regular price$ 11.30
584 reviews
Save $ 3.40 per piece
STEEL CHANNELS - From $64.31 /cwt
STEEL CHANNELS - From $64.31 /cwt
Sale priceFrom $ 71.00 Regular price$ 74.40
488 reviews
Save $ 2.00 per piece
Sale priceFrom $ 9.50 Regular price$ 11.50
No reviews