Subfloor/Roof Panel

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Experience rapid installation, and with no sanding required to level the subfloor, it's not labor-intensive. It's a fire-resistant material offering excellent acoustics. Plus, it's flexible—you can apply any type of flooring directly.


Floor panels can be conveniently fastened directly onto wood or steel joists, eliminating the need for plywood.

For 3'' thick panels, the weight is a manageable 8.69 lbs per square foot.

Data Sheet

Compressive Strength: 590 psi
Nominal Density: 30.4 lb/ft3
Real Density: 33.4 lb/ft3
R - Value (for 2.95" thickness): 3.44 h ft² °F/BTU
Elastic Modulus: 326.9 ksi
Drying Shrinkage: 0.0015%

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FLAT BARS - From $65.68 /cwt
FLAT BARS - From $65.68 /cwt
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ROUND BARS - From $66.25 /cwt
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SQUARE BARS - From $64.60 /cwt
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STEEL ANGLES - From $64.65 /cwt
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STEEL CHANNELS - From $64.31 /cwt
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Renowned for its exceptional robustness

AAC offers remarkable durability that prolongs the lifespan of structures. Its composition enables it to resist extreme conditions like fluctuating temperatures, moisture, and seismic activities. AAC can bear significant loads, preserving structural integrity under tough conditions. Additionally, it resists pests, fire, and rot, making it a safe, long-lasting choice for sustainable construction. AAC's hard-wearing qualities underscore its place as a highly durable, enduring building material.

Structural and Light Weight: A Versatile Solution for Diverse Constructions

AAC shines in its structural versatility, fitting seamlessly into various construction projects, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. Its robust nature adapts to diverse building requirements.

Further enhancing its appeal, AAC blocks are lightweight, making them easy to handle, install, and transport. This reduces labor efforts and hastens construction timelines, making AAC an efficient, cost-effective choice for diverse construction needs.

AAC is cost-efficient, slashing both material and labor costs without compromising strength

Its blocks are easy to handle, and can be swiftly cut and sanded with regular tools, no special equipment required. This leads to quicker installations, saving time on site, cutting labor costs, and accelerating project completion. AAC: the smart, high-impact choice for cost-conscious construction.

Choose AAC for strength, safety, and sustainability

This non-toxic, non-combustible building material stays clear of harmful emissions, contributing to healthier, cleaner construction sites and buildings. But it's not just about being safe – it's also about being responsible. AAC can boost your project's LEED points, fostering sustainable construction and helping you build not just for today, but for a greener tomorrow.

With its high thermal mass and insulating properties, AAC boosts energy efficiency for lower bills, while its non-combustible nature, resisting burning and toxic fume emission, potentially leads to reduced insurance rates.

Further enhancing its appeal, AAC blocks are lightweight, making them easy to handle, install, and transport. This reduces labor efforts and hastens construction timelines, making AAC an efficient, cost-effective choice for diverse construction needs.

AAC stands as a lasting symbol of durability and comfort in construction

With its resistance to fire, pests, and harsh weather, it guarantees long-lasting buildings. Plus, its dislike for mold and mildew means healthier spaces. But AAC is not all about strength; it takes care of comfort too. Its thermal properties help manage indoor temperatures, while its sound insulation keeps things quiet. Choose AAC for a balance of strength, comfort, and enduring peace.

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